Company Overview

Since 1989 successfully on the market, Krempien+Petersen Qualitäts-Kontrollsysteme GmbH developes computer-vision systems for quality control, for a variety of applications. Focuses on the pharmaceutical industry and the automotive industry and automotive supplier industry. But even known companies from the food industry, the electronics industry, the packaging industry and other industries are among our customers.

We offer complete turnkey systems (such as printing and testing stations) or develop custom hardware and software solutions, which include 100 percent "inline" camera systems for real-time image processing, with our engineering team. The entire inspection solution will be adapted to local conditions and linked with existing or new machines. It is possible to upgrade an existing machine with a new camera system to improve or to ensure the quality of the products.

Even customer specific solutions or complex quality tasks, which require a high-quality, modern engineering will be offered (e.g. a particle inspection machine for vials and ampoules). In addition to our vision software KUPvision and our control KUPcontrol we also offer customized software and hardware development.

Since early 2004, K+P is partner system integrator of Cognex. Cognex develop machine vision systems. Through close cooperation with Cognex (K+P is the only system integrator partner for the pharmaceutical sector in Germany) we are able to access the latest image processing algorithms at any time. Through our long experience and outstanding skills in the field of qualification, we have the possibility of all levels to carry out a qualification, which particularly has a high importance in the pharmaceutical sector.
With more than 400,000 shipped systems Cognex is undeniably the leader in industrial image processing. With a multitude of separate offices in North America, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia may Cognex also meet the requirements of global companies in terms of support service needs. Through the use of Cognex systems, K+P also guarantees a quick support in countries outside of Germany and Europe.

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