Automotive industry

Image processing and ID systems are used to inspect and identify assemblies and components in the manufacture and assembly of vehicles. From the stamping plant to the body shop, from assembly to final inspection, the systems optimize product quality and reduce manufacturing costs.

Food & beverage

Vision and ID products are ideal for high-volume, high-speed food and beverage production. For example, product presentation, content and labelling can be inspected for flawlessness and conformity more reliably and consistently than a human would be able to.

Pharmaceutical industry

With the help of Track & Trace systems for tracking individual marked products from the manufacturer to the retailer, text and code reading systems, and vision sensors to ensure product integrity. It can be ensured that produced healthcare products meet all requirements in terms of patient safety and traceability.


Vision-based code reading in particular is used in the logistics sector, as higher reading rates are possible than with conventional laser scanners. In addition, powerful visualization and lower operating costs speak in favor of this type of system. Image-based bar code readers can read damaged, distorted and rotated 1D or 2D codes.

Medical devices

Precision and traceability are important issues in medical technology. We offer solutions for defect detection, tracking, scrap control and reporting to optimize process control, maximize yield and minimize production downtime.

Semiconductor and electronics

In the semiconductor and electronics industry, image processing systems are used e.g. for wafer alignment and inspection, chip quality assurance, assembly and traceability solutions. Krempien+Petersen uses patented technologies from world market leader Cognex to solve these tasks.

Consumer goods

Whether mobile device, computer, shaver or other product, we offer a wide range of systems for the automatic quality inspection of consumer goods of all kinds. We use cost-effective vision sensors, text and ID readers or high-performance systems for the inspection of several 1000 products per minute.

Solar technology

In the field of renewable energies and in particular in the field of wafer production, solar cell production and module assembly processes, testing, inspection and identification applications are implemented using image-based inspection and reading systems.

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