Diagnostics, therapy, nursing, rehabilitation, or generally improving the quality of life is the task of medical technology. With the support of technical knowledge, in particular solving problems and the expertise of doctors and nurses, machines are created that can improve the lives of many people. Quality is also or especially for manufacturers of products in the medical sector of decisive importance. By testing the parts at the start of the process and rejecting non-conforming products, early quality testing can be carried out and the overall efficiency of a production line can be improved.

We offer solutions for defect detection, tracking, reject control and reporting, to optimize process control, maximize yield and minimize production downtime.

Our inspection systems use fully automatic vision sensors or special vision systems systems, which can be operated comfortably and easily via our KUPvision software. Beside the mentioned inspection systems, Krempien+Petersen Qualitäts-Kontrollsysteme GmbH also offers the customized development of software and hardware.

Possible fields of application

  • Read 2D codes marked directly on parts or devices (DPM)
  • Inspect barcodes and text on soft products, such as solution bags
  • Check label data and ensure that product and package match
  • Check position and orientation of products in set packages
  • Reading 1D and 2D codes and text on packages
  • Inspect printing defects for label rolls
  • Detect and classify surface and texture defects on paper, fabric, metal and nonwovens
  • Detecting cracks or particles on the surface of medical patches
  • Measure angle, diameter and distance between marking rings on catheters or syringes
  • Check needle tip quality, inspect correct application of protective cover, check position and alignment of bevel
  • Check alignment of components and parts during assembly
  • Checking the arrangement and quality of adhesive and welded joints

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