A quality inspection is intended to determine the extent to which a product corresponds to the required and expected quality requirements. In industrial production, it's nowadays indispensable to capture the quality of all products. Humans can fatigue with a test task always repeating, with a quality control system this is not the case, so that the same high quality can be always guaranteed.

For the quality inspection K+P uses industrial image processing, with which devices are used, which capture, analyze and evaluate visual information. By means of these systems test procedures can be automated, otherwise a "human eye" would require. Image processing systems consist of a lighting and an image sensor, which captures images digitally and analyzes it by means of a so-called vision software. The resulting information can be now evaluated automatically and transferred to another device (e.g. PLC or PC). The recorded images can be displayed on a screen and quality problems can be represented for the employees. Vision systems are available in various designs, from PC-based systems to intelligent vision sensors.

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