Mark & Vision

The task of Mark & Vision systems is to mark products (e.g. by applying barcodes, text and/or graphics) and to inspect this product marking.

Track & Trace

In order to increase counterfeit protection and guarantee a high level of medicine safety, serialization and, in some cases, so-called aggregation are used in the pharmaceutical sector.

KUPvision Software

KUPvision is an image processing and camera management software which is used for industrial applications in camera systems for quality control and quality assurance and serves as the basis for all our computer-aided systems.

LSI-System for seam inspection

The rugged LaserSeamInspection system (LSI system) has been developed by K+P for the inspection of laser soldered seams and CMT Braze+ seams.

Shipping document reader ODR400

The ODR400 is developed to easily read the contents of shipping documents and transmit them to the line control (PLC). All with just one touch.

Deep Learning

In many industries, deep learning expands the possibilities for automating industrial production and can solve numerous new applications that could not previously be automated. This includes reading demanding texts, checking surface defects, checking various assembly steps, classifying product quality and sorting variable parts.

Vision sensors

In-Sight 2000 vision sensors provide easy and reliable inspections thanks to powerful vision tools, modular lighting and optics, and an easy-to-use setup environment.

Vision systems

Cognex In-Sight systems help manufacturers around the world increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs. Given the wide variety of In-Sight models available, there is the right device for every application.

Stationary ID readers

Many of our complete ID solutions are based on stationary DataMan bar code readers from Cognex. They offer maximum reading performance with 1D and 2D codes. Flexibility, easy setup and commissioning make them the ideal solution for even the most demanding industrial applications.

ID handheld readers

DataMan portable bar code readers provide superior performance for applications based on Direct Part Mark (DPM) and 1D and 2D label codes. Cognex portable bar code readers with the latest patented technology, rugged housing and modular supported communication capabilities are ideal for the harshest manufacturing and logistics conditions.


Many of our complete solutions use in-house-developed lighting units that have extremely high light intensity and a very long life. Therefore the point - ambient light - is no longer an issue for us.

Code reading 360°

Reliable code reading 360° on vial caps of ampoules and vials with any orientation

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